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Our Business in China

Gramco is committed to helping corporations that are vying for leadership in the Chinese market in their efforts to construct strong brands.

We have deployed Japanese-speaking Chinese staff who are familiar with Japanese culture and equipped with abundant expertise at both our Shanghai and Beijing bases to provide professional consulting for Japanese, Chinese and Japanese-Chinese joint corporations that face brand issues in the Chinese market on a daily basis.

It's true that China shares cultural roots with Japan, but it's also true that its market and consumer environments are completely different from Japan's. Gramco Shanghai collaborates with Japanese corporations in the reconstruction of a "China-style brand model adapted to the Chinese market" and the creation of brands with strong appeal for Chinese consumers and customers in cooperation with Gramco Headquarters in Japan. It's helping Chinese corporations augment their brand power in order to achieve a competitive advantage in China's globalizing market as well as supporting their efforts to establish their brands in markets outside China

Both Gramco Shanghai and Gramco Beijing provide services of the same quality and on the same level as Gramco offers in Japan.

We established Gramco Shanghai as an independent corporation in order to complete this mission. Besides posting experienced professional staff from Japan to Shanghai, we have deployed local staff members who have been trained in Japan and who share the expertise accumulated at Gramco Headquarters. In August 2006, we established a Gramco Shanghai branch in Beijing as well.

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