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Gramco is the largest Japanese specialized brand consulting firm.

As a right-brained brand establishment consulting firm, we offer branding support to a broad array of corporate clients. We not only provide VI development and other solutions in the design area, but also offer solutions to problems at the management level as well as services based on the leading-edge branding method from the viewpoint of linking the management strategy and the brand strategy.

  1. As a branding consultancy which combines right brain sensitivity and left brain intelligence, Gramco employs a systematic approach ranging from research, strategic and conceptual planning, to design and brand contact points development.
  2. Gramco gives clients the full benefit of a wide range of integrated proprietary methods developed through more than a quarter of a century of experience in the branding field.
  3. The inclusion in its Group of the Gramco Architectural Design Company enables Gramco to respond to client requirements for "space branding" through the creation of store, showroom and other environments that serve as brand experience contact points. This capability sets Gramco apart from almost all other branding consultancies.
  4. A highly professional Web team operating in Gramco's Production Company to enables clients to manage their brands skillfully on the Internet as well.
  5. Gramco established a Chinese subsidiary, Gramco Shanghai Inc., in May 2004 to reinforce its ability to serve clients in the burgeoning Chinese market and elsewhere in Asia. Gramco Shanghai subsequently established a branch office in Beijing in August 2006, moreover, as a second base from which to provide solutions to a broad range of branding needs across the region.
  6. Gramco's professional staff have helped a growing list of leading Japanese corporations as well as regional governments and educational institutions to establish and strengthen their brands and raise their profiles.
  7. Companies in China and other Asian countries have also begun turning to Gramco to help them establish brands with which to expand their business in their home markets and extend their operations into the global marketplace.

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