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Gramco is a group consisting of Gramco Ltd. (headquarters in Tokyo), D-Gram Corporation (Tokyo) and Gramco Shanghai Inc. (with its Shanghai headquarters and the Beijing Branch).
We have been operating as the Japan’s largest specialized branding firm for more than a quarter of a century. During that time, we have served many (more than 200) corporate and institutional clients. I hereby extend my sincerest gratitude to our clients and other parties for their support in branding.

As a Japanese branding firm, we provide Japanese companies with support for their activities in China. It was for this purpose that we independently established a subsidiary with bases in Shanghai and its branch in Beijing. Today, we serve an increasing number of Chinese corporate clients, as well as Japanese clients, in China. We are now nearing our goal of becoming Asia’s top branding firm.

On the other hand, businesses, whether in Japan or in China, are facing a tide of globalization amid rapid changes in circumstances. In our business domain, we are offering a broad range of programs based on different actions. In addition to global branding, group branding, and merger branding, our programs include internal branding aimed at internal stimulation, long-standing business branding for the revitalization of long-established businesses, business and product development branding to boost revenues, and regional branding for revitalizing a specific region to eventually make Japan buoyant.

We also offer services using new approaches. They include Gramco Style Control for creating a style for the brand (such as Imagine Session using Imagine Cards), web branding, space branding (brand establishment through a store, showroom, office or other space), acceleration of the transformation of visual identity (VI) manuals into HTML form, support for e-commerce site construction, and brand tracking research that monitors changes in brand value.

From a range of perspectives, we will continuously strive to provide multi-faceted support for the construction and strengthening of the brand as an intangible asset indispensable to the company.
Please call on the accumulated experience and ideas of our highly sensitive staff in consulting, planning, and design units, as well as our staff’s can-do spirit, to serve your company or organization.

Atsuro Yamada

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