Lohmeyer Corporation

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Case detail

Established by August Lohmeyer in 1921, Lohmeyer started producing high quality pork loin ham. The Lohmeyer brand later developed into a brand of high quality ham. In 2000, it formed a capital alliance with Starzen Co., Ltd., a major company dealing with meat, meat-based products and food products. Lohmeyer became a subsidiary and part of the Starzen Group in 2005.

The branding project was introduced in 2006 for the purposes of maintaining and further upgrading the long-established brand and boosting staff motivation. In November 2006, the Lomeyer Restaurant was opened at Ginza 8-chome in Tokyo, becoming a venue for brand dissemination. Gramco commenced with a close review on the brand concept and revised the brand logo based on its tradition, developed an emblem and a logo comprising Japanese characters, and prepared a brand book as a tool for internal branding.

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