Menard Suzhou

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Case detail

Gramco has been providing support for a large number of both Japanese and Chinese companies in Beijing and Shanghai. As the Chinese local subsidiary of the Japanese company Menard Cosmetics, Menard Suzhou determined to establish a new brand to differentiate products, which had been manufactured in China under the name of Menard Japan, from high-class cosmetics imported from Japan. Both Gramco Shanghai and Gramco Japan provided support to this project.

Firstly market research on local manufactured products was made. Based on the analysis result, a new brand concept with a completely different market position with the original Japan-made Menard products was built. Products locally made were reborn with a new brand name DIVUM, as well as an individual logo and packages. Through a multi-brand strategy, not only the branding project made it possible to give a different edge to Menard products in the market, but also to seize new types of customers other than imported Menard products consumers.

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