China Branding

With the ambition to become the leading branding firm in Asia, Gramco embarked on local research in areas including Shanghai in 2001. In 2004, it set up a local subsidiary, Gramco Shanghai Inc., acting as Shanghai’s first branding firm. In 2006, Gramco launched its Beijing branch office in response to requests from local clients.
As we have bases in the two major Chinese cities of Shanghai and Beijing, our service covers the vast Greater China region.
At the subsidiary, all staff members, including the president, are Chinese citizens with the exception of one resident staff member sent from Japan and the chairman, who is Gramco’s President Atsuro Yamada (who serves in this additional position).
Branding in China would not be successful without the full understanding of local circumstances, the Chinese market, and Chinese consumers and customers. However, all high ranked staff have undergone long-term training and gained work experience at Gramco Tokyo Headquarters to share their expertise. Of course, they have a good command of the Japanese language as well.
We have built an infrastructure in our Shanghai and Beijing offices for offering services nearly equivalent to those in Japan, ranging from research and concept construction to naming, design and space design, to provide branding support for a large number of Japanese businesses and Chinese businesses including state-run businesses.
In 2009, our development of the Chinese edition of Imagine Cards reached completion. In 2010, it became possible for us to develop a brand style control matched with the Chinese market. As we engage in regular brand association surveys in major cities, we welcome those companies wishing to step into the Chinese market or thinking of shoring up their brands in China to feel free to contact the President’s Office at Gramco Tokyo Headquarters or Gramco Shanghai Inc.

Example of an implementation process (for the general corporate brand)

  1. A feasibility study on entry to the Chinese market if no brand has yet been introduced
    Surveys on the market conditions, the competitive environment and the customer circumstances
  2. If any brand has already been introduced to the market, perform review and evaluation based on interviews with customer focus groups, CLT, online research, interviews with channels and internal personnel, and mystery shopper surveys
  3. Preparation of an integrated analysis report
  4. Development of concept in China for introducing or modifying the brand
  5. Enhancement of product or service based on the concept
  6. Development of slogans and brand names in the Chinese language (to be modified as needed)
  7. Creation of logo for the brand in the Chinese language
  8. Internal branding for Chinese executives and general employees
  9. Revision of stores and showrooms serving as interfaces with customers, as needed
  10. Development of brand style matched with the Chinese market, as needed
  11. Planning and implementation of different brand communication measures
  12. Brand tracking research in major cities
    * It is desirable to continuously carry it out.

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