Corporate Branding

Building a corporate brand to boost the extra value of businesses, products, and services

A brand strategy refers to a strategy for building a brand that will be actively selected by customers and stakeholders. This process is called branding.
By introducing the ideas of marketing, Gramco’s branding establishes such concepts as brand vision, the value offered by the brand (i.e., the functional value and emotional value that competitors could not offer), brand personality, positioning, and strategic customers (targeting) after conducting full research that serves as a basis for these concepts. Through naming, slogan development, visual identity management, impression management, and other brand design processes, we carry out a sequence of processes (Gramco Brand OneTM) to accurately develop brand interface. First, we identify four key fundamental elements of the company (specifically, maintenance, strengthening, addition and deletion). Then we differentiate the company from others and define its orientation in the form of brand vision to appeal to its customers and markets. This is our way of branding. Of course, in the phase of deployment, we additionally use new brand building approaches such as web branding and space branding. We aim to be the leader in the Japanese branding industry and strive to gain market share in the global market. In the contemporary era of drastic changes, we offer powerful support for your company’s brand strategy.

Example of an implementation process

  1. Phase of research and analysis
    Interviews with top executives, internal personnel, customers, and business partners, visual auditing, competition survey, and integrated analysis
  2. Phase of concept development
    Development of vision, value, personality, strategic customers, positioning, and others in accordance with Gramco’s brand model
  3. Phase of verbalization
    Development of new company name (if necessary), development of a brand slogan, elaboration and stipulation of the brand concept
  4. Phase of visualization
    Brand design including brand symbols and logos, development of specification of brand style (if necessary) including development of a color palette
  5. Phase of brand experience design
    Deployment at various brand interfaces such as the web and office entrances, including activities for raising internal brand awareness by using brand book and other applications
  6. Phase of brand management
    Online VI manual, style guide
  7. Brand tracking research as needed
    A regular survey to track changes in brand value

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