Space Branding

Creation of communication venues appealing to the five senses

Real-world brand contact points such as stores, showrooms and offices continue to play key roles in people’s brand experiences. These are venues where customers immerse themselves directly in a brand’s world. Once potential customers enter the space, they intuitively make full use of their five senses to assess the brand style, often becoming captivated by it.

Moreover, if the store or showroom development is conducted effectively, they acquire a deeper identification with the brand through high-quality communications with its representatives (staff of the store or showroom).

The same is true with office space. Establishing a traffic flow or environment that facilitates interchange among employees can enliven communications within the organizations and contribute to generating ideas and a sense of solidarity.

Gramco’s professional Space Branding Team participates from the initial stage of brand strategy development and shares the concepts that emerge to develop venues that not only feature beautiful, functional designs but that also accelerate communication among customers and internal stakeholders.

Gramco recognizes the interactive characteristic of well-designed spaces and employs them to create experiences that appeal to the five senses as no other brand contact point can.

Example of an implementation process

  1. Understanding of the existing brand concept

  2. Interviews with internal staff and customers and other research on customers’ circumstances

  3. Auditing of stores and showrooms that are directly operated

  4. Development of a space branding concept including targeting and positioning

  5. Studies on competitive stores and showrooms

  6. Research for determination of the appropriate location and shortlisting

  7. Basic design including zoning, coloring, traffic line planning, and sign planning

  8. Development of perspective drawings

  9. Implementation of design

  10. Operational planning and support for education of sales and other personnel

  11. Communication development

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