Web Branding

Bond creation between brands and users

Companies today no longer view the Internet as a special environment. In fact, it has become the most important medium contributing to construction of a corporate brand.

A few special characteristics make the Web the first brand contact point for many customers:
(1) It permits free management by users;
(2) it offers immediacy and updatability; and
(3) it provides a unique ability to communicate a brand’s concept and worldview fully.

Companies have found it possible in recent years to attract customers by implementing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) measures, and even to grasp customer behavior in the virtual universe through access log analysis.

With an aim to appeal to customers by conveying brand concept through the Internet, a dedicated Web Team within the Gramco organization engages in Web branding every day.

The team’s offerings include
(1) “building power,” which presents the brand concept in its entirety on the Web;
(2) “expressive power,” which communicates the brand appeal to the fullest extent; and (3) “operational power,” which supports website maintenance even after it is uploaded for public access.

We employ these three approaches to foster brands on an ongoing basis in terms of design, content, style and more. Gramco can strengthen your bonds with customers through Web branding, not only by assisting you in creating an effective corporate website but also by conducting EC site (online shop) creation.


Example of an implementation process

  1. Identification of issues and research
    Research on users, existing and competitive websites, etc.

  2. Data design
    Content planning, user experience design, etc.

  3. Proposal on website configuration
    Content specifications, sitemap proposal, operations plans, etc.

  4. Proposal on web page structure
    Proposal on a wire frame and development of advertising copies

  5. Brand design development
    Design development (graphics and templates), shooting, image selection, etc.

  6. Formulation of guidelines
    Website operation and formulation of brand design guidelines

  7. Planning of website operation
    Promotional actions, log analysis and proposals for improvement to achieve enhanced performance

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