Brand Slogan Development

Messages that are highly communicative and arouse empathy increase brand power.

A brand slogan is a brief expression of a concept or feeling. As it is brief, it must contain words that represent the most important message delivered by the brand. Based on the chosen concept, Gramco helps develop an attractive message that is highly communicative and that arouses empathy.
* If the concept has yet to be determined, we can offer support from the stages of research and concept development as well.

Characteristics of slogans

  • Brief expressions of brand concepts
  • Often displayed with brand logos
  • Help forge a sense of unity among insiders

Sojitz is a Japanese general trading company with a history of more than 120 years. With its roots in Nichimen Corporation and Nisshoiwai Corporation, both of which have a long history, Sojitz has been dedicated to supporting the development of a large number of countries and regions through business activities.
Sojitz Group Statement:The Sojitz Group creates value and prosperity by connecting the world with a spirit of integrity.

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