What's a Brand?

The Gramco Methods

Gramco's array of unique methods

Through more than 25 years of experience and a history of research, Gramco has developed and acquired its own unique methods of brand establishment. We employ these methods to realize project management that is easily understandable for those responsible for brand development (the client's personnel in charge) and results that win the understanding of top management.

Gramco Methods

Brand Ring - Connecting brand contact points -

Experience plays a central role in the formative process that establishes brand recognition in people's minds. A brand is memorized →recognized →understood through good (positive) experiences that a corporation offers at various contact points. "Various" is a key word here, because memory is in a constant state of flux, and a one-time experience is not sufficient. A brand is established and maintained when consumers enjoy positive experiences several times in succession, or at various brand contact points, which leave a favorable impression in their minds.

Gramco establishes these various contact points based on a concept we call the "Brand RingTM". We understand that it is essential to communicate a brand multilaterally by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by such "venues" as TV commercials, magazine advertising, the Internet and, in addition to these, retail establishments and showrooms as well as by giving customers tangible experience of the brand through the actual products and services.

But no matter how many brand contact points there may be, the desired effect will not be achieved unless consistency is maintained among the tone, voice (the "sound" of the brand) and behavior emanating from each venue. An approach devised to create linkage among the brand contact points is the essence of brand communication.

サムネイル Brand ModelGramco Brand Pyramid

Brand Model- Brand foundation and brand system reestablishment -

A company's brand strategy and business strategy are inseparably interrelated for ensuring ongoing profitability and growth. For this reason, we treat our Brand ModelTM and the client's business model as integral parts of the same whole. Depending on the circumstances, brand establishment may consequently provide an opportunity for a requisite reorganization of the business model as well. Neglecting to arrange a brand concept to serve as a platform for every action generates obstacles to future brand-related activities.

The Brand ModelTM is the foundation to which we return whenever when we lose our way to confirm the brand's established position.

サムネイル Gramco Brand PyramidBrand Ring

Gramco Brand PyramidTM

Viewing the brand structure as a hierarchy enables us to arrange brands for groups, corporations, businesses/categories, product lines and individual products/services and to establish relationships, so that the brands at each level of the hierarchy demonstrate synergy with each other. We call this hierarchical structure the "Gramco Brand PyramidTM"

Brands come in a broad range of configurations, including corporate brands and product brands. A single-brand strategy in which the corporate brand takes the lead is most effective for some companies. For others, a multi-brand strategy employing parallel brands in a multiple brand market can often be effective. This strategy can be seen in LVMH, Swatch Group and many other apparel brands. Moreover, it may also be an effective way to strengthen corporate brand from “below”, by taking the advantage of outstanding business brands or product brands (which are called Silver Bullet Brands), as can be seen in the relationship between Sharp and Aquos, as well as the one between Nomura Real Estate Group and PROUD. The strategy creates an “Endorsing” or “Lifting” relationship between a parent brand and its subsidiary brands. We determine the appropriate system depending on the circumstances and establish an optimal brand system considering the customers and markets in question.

サムネイル Brand Ring Brand Model

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